The breakfast book

Creating beautiful food imagery of breakfast products was a big trend on Instagram. Too bad that not everyone was already on Instagram to enjoy this source of breakfast inspiration. By collecting all the beautiful Instagram breakfast pictures and present them in an analogue way, we made a digital food trend accessible for everyone. Quaker embraced the Instagram food trend and with the help of influencers, we crowdsourced the first Instagram breakfast recipe collection. By facilitating a creative podium for our audience, we gave them their own piece of ownership. 

These recipe creators got one of the 100 limited editions copies during the book launch while enjoying a 5-course breakfast. It was printed in a smaller edition, which was distributed via supermarket Jumbo for every breakfast lover in Holland. The limited edition book included extra features for interaction with the reader. The Quaker Breakfast book even contained stencils that could be used to decorate breakfast bowls or make Instagram food content.

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Boek dicht copy
Boek dicht
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