M&M's Share-a-thon

The online audience, aged 18-24, is spoiled, bored and constantly searching for relevant and amusing content, but they are not easily persuaded. So how then, are we going to introduce the new M&M’s sharing packages to our hard-to-please target group? We decided to give them a campaign that they can obstruct, on which they have influence and for which they can make the rules - and have free M&M’s! We locked up two of the most ‘Gierige Gasten’ of the internet in a live-vending machine. As long as the live vlog of these two influencers was shared by our online audience, the influencers had to keep sharing M&M’s.

We took two influencers hostage with 6000 M&M’s sharing packages, one bed, two M&M’s pyjamas and some take-away food we were able to reach 50.000 people. With 2500 shares of our live stream and more than 35000 likes, our audience kept the Share-a-thon alive for more than 34 hours! Since people kept sharing and liking, it seemed inhuman to keep them locked up forever - so we decided to let them finish and to set them free.